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Lately, I wondered why companies still do not put much more into the development of the best customer experience, customer service, customer commitment and the customer journey.

In small and large companies, the primary focus on product and business development, and this will for most businesses probably fortsatt in future. Focus on skapa the next big thing thatwill tip the market and Provider funding for the next big thing. This must of course be, but even more so it Becomes vigtigt invested in the customer journey.

Regardless of channel, product and service, most trades done person two person, and follow-up as well. We all know the feeling of a good handshake after a signed contract, om you’re a customer or vendor. We need and want the relationship kunne believe in the product, we are about two buy. At the sametime, we også want the evne two Engage in the digital information stream att surrounds the product. For most, this is where the customer journey starts … through its own channels, looking for the best solution for the company.

Try some time to imagine att man kan redirect sina budget for awhile, so just customer journey attributed største item. What would your product and business development department simply utvikle?

One can argue att development would concentrate more on skapa multi-platform solutions with customer needs in the center. This will result in new solutions att seek to connect eksisterende services to your needs, rather than satser solely on functionality.

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work toward the technology  – not the other way around ”  (Steve Jobs)

You blivit curious … When you think of your last good customer experience, customer service and customer travel. Do you think just att company behind your experience focused on Using the customer experience as a strategic tool, instead of “how we öka revenue, and invent the next new” ?

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

I try two blog here, two Provider input til prioriteringar när working with CEM . I take my own experience into account and the fact att you have worked with all kinds of digital products and services, from gaming platforms for data-driven app’s.


How do we build an organizational commitment to our customers?

We need for each channel and customer cycle two form a visual customer travelcard att kan identify the pain points and values ​​need-to be donated. It is viktiga in this process att all channels having a structure att giver konsekvente a basis for action. The medarbejdere are part of the digital way to the information and sales; they are the ones som daily talk with customers. Create a visual voicemail (form the customer visuelt) at sikre the customer Constantly hit with the right messages and sikre easy access through all channels.


How we deliver customer experiences?

Through openness and ongoing collection of flow data at sikre communication channels are updated and live. Most customers will embrace self-help services and the evne two gather all nødvendige information before they are contacted about sales. Therefore, the first step is two Provider full access two ønskede information on the digital platform where products and services are shared (max. 1-3 clicks).


How can we inspire medarbejdere two deliver great experiences?

We all want to be heard, so the key is two Engage medarbejdere Using visual communication and strategy. View boundaries and values ​​of the main målsætninger and focus on showing steps needed forbedre customer experience. Make room for floating improvements, and rapid changes in communication strategy. Make use of internal customer travel workshops, and invite key clients two share. It is guaranteed öka engagement and inspire yderligere optimization.


How we support our customers’ needs and goals?

Sales and partners play a major role in this part of the process att goes out to create visibility through the return data and stay focused on the challenges and value in all channels. One way to keep the data stream flowing in is two create a tool nemlig used by every customer interaction. Quick answers two questions, whichwill then help two Clarify customer travel map. Customer Travel Card must be a living document nemlig updated løbende, and not only deltager once a year two review the statistics and strategy.


How can we build the customer experience across the “touch points”?

Customer Rejsens mapping is central here. Customer experience is not about income – it is about skapa long-term relationships. Customer experience and customer service two focus on as a unit and a whole så we can follow customers’ experience curves. One can even imødekomme Using ‘ Story Doing ‘ to gather journey.

“It’s not about what our brand says, but what it does!”


How do we measure the impact of loyalty?

First we need two Clarify the element att enable us two control the behavior nemlig most central two grow the business. It is about Defining the answer til questions: What should we do? Why do we do it? How do we do it? Vi kan få this city skapa a strong visual, performance and enhancement-grid showing the various definitions of what, why and how. Based on this we will be kunnet measure the various actions att are created and Executed, and the information we indberegne in a bigger picture of the revenue.

Do not you know where to start, there is a lot of inspiration by just googling: Customer Journey Mapping and click on ‘images’ – and my best advice is to get someone in the network to test your digital channels. It raises are guaranteed a lot of questions along the way, and then forces your product for yderligere development.

So, up on kunde’rejse’hesten … Gee Gee

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